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Plea to Qetesh – From a Wounded Soul

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Plea From a Wounded Soul

Qetesh knows that abuse comes in many forms. Not just physical but emotional as well. Emotional abuse can lead to addiction, rage and a severely damaged sense of self and an inability to truly bond with others.

Emotional Abuse can be active – vicious Bullying:

“You will never be as good as my family”

Or Deliberate Humiliation:

” I’m ashamed to have you as a wife.”

And it can be Passive: The equivalent of child neglect Withholding Love.

We must renounce the lie that emotional abuse can prepare us for a hard life in a hard world. I’ve met some people who were prepared for life that way — I met them while they were Doing Life! When your self concept has been shredded; when you have been deeply injured and made to feel that the injuries were your own fault; when you look for approval to those who cannot or will not provide it, you play the role assigned to you by your abusers.


For those emotionally abused healing comes down to forgiving yourself, knowing you deserve to be respected, you deserve to be loved…….

Emotional abuse can be as painful as physical assault and with the rare exception, the pain lasts longer. The vulnerable imitate instead of learning the qualities we all need as an adult; Empathy, Nurturing, and protectiveness, they learn the viciousness of a pecking order. As victims of abuse they are often dismissed simply because the wounds are not visible. Emotional abuse scars the heart and wounds the soul. There is no real difference between physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

All that distinguishes one from the other is the abusers choice of weapon. When it gets too much they implode with self-destructive conduct.

Beloved Qetesh hear my plea

“You carry the cure in your heart. Please listen to our Wounded Souls, Please help us find that cure.”

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