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Pomba Gira

pomba gira


Pomba Gira
Traditional Colours: Pink/Red and Black
Number: 3
Areas of Influence: Messages and all communication, crossroads, doorways (physical and spiritual), keys, sex, cemetery gates, children and protection
Entities associated with: Lilith
Symbols: Red hearts, the 4 queen cards, a necklace with dark pink and black beads.
Offerings: Pomegranate juice with exotic berry flavoured wine colour, cigarillos, and chocolates
Feast Days: February 14th
Astrology: Leo
Tarot: Lust/Strength


Chakra: Throat and the sexual chakra
Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Rubies, black pearls
Animals: Coyote, raven, snakes and other trickster animals. Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinchers.
Entities of Similar Energy: Lilith, Mary Magdalene, Wild women everywhere
Plants associated with: Pomegranates, chilli peppers
She is actually them. There are many Pomba Gira’s. Probably the most well known one is Maria Padilla. However, I normally just refer to Pomba Gira as a singular being. She loves to dance. She likes the movement and being the centre of attention (hence the connection with Leos). She is a sex goddess. She is seen as a very attractive female with gypsy-like features. Beyond the sexual aspect, however, she is a very powerful and generous female who loves to give her children gifts.
Pomba Gira is also called the female Eshu and therefore is sometimes seen as a female devil (again, she is not satanic). However, she is also a great healer of sexual problems. In this day and age, many people (males and females) have sexual issues. Whether it is because of molestation or rape, etc., she can help overcome frigidity and similar problems. However, if someone is addicted to sex, I won’t even mention her name to that person.
Pomba Gira is known mainly in Brazil. She is actually a new entity (100-200 years) and it my understanding that she doesn’t have African roots, she is truly Brazilian. Her followers tend to work in the sex industries in Brazil. Before passing judgment, realize that many people (females especially) in other “less developed” countries live in extreme poverty and are forced to do many things to support themselves and their families. She is also very protective of the people she cares about. Because of her connection with the sex industries, she is well acquainted with HIV and other social diseases.


Properly Showing Respect to the Pomba Gira

After a great sexual experience, try to say thank you to the Pomba Gira. Tip strippers real well. Don’t talk badly about people who work in sex industries (stripping, prostitution, domination, etc), you never know what kind of situation got them there.
Where to find Pomba Gira
Strip bars, brothels, sex clubs and cemeteries (any gray colour headstone with the name “Maria” on it belongs to her).
Pomba Gira’s Children
You will normally find her children working in strip bars, the phone sex industry, and the porn industry or in your local dungeon working as a dominatrix. They love to dance and move and they want to be on centre stage (literally or figuratively). Unfortunately, these folks also do not generally have happy love lives. They are very protective of their friends and family, especially their children.

Pomba Gira Herbal Incense

One Pomba Gira Story

“I have Pomba Gira’s tattoo on my wrist. I have it because that was the mark of my first coven. The story was that the priestesses were all sitting around one night and Pomba Gira showed up and began speaking through one of them. She drew out this particular veve (a spiritual symbol in Voudun) and told the ladies that’s what she wanted tattooed on their bodies. They all got the tattoo and when I received my priestess initiation, I got one too. Nine months later, when I left the group, I toyed with the idea of getting it removed but in the end, I kept it. Over time, I realized that it was a direct link to Pomba Gira (meaning I could talk to her directly at anytime) and that strangely enough; it itched when something bad was going to happen.
One time, my boyfriend was taking me into his favourite new age store. Right before I walked into the place, it started to itch. I ignored it and went in anyway. Within 5 minutes I got into a screaming match with the owner (over a set of earrings). A couple years ago, out of nowhere, it started to burn one night. I actually had to put ice on it. I was so scared. I talked to my friend about it the next morning and she said that a former friend, “Jane,” had called her the night before and had talked about coming down to San Antonio to visit. I had lived with Jane in another state for a while and Jane had betrayed me. Pomba Gira was (once again) trying to warn me that there was something bad coming my way.”

Maria in Paris
• 1oz Pomegranate Liqueur
• Champagne, chilled (Pink or something sweet, like an Asti)
• 3 slices of strawberry (the larger, the better)
• Melted chocolate to dip rim of glass in. (Baker’s chocolate makes a wonderful little melted chocolate cup that you just put into the microwave.)
• Cayenne Pepper (optional)
Cut strawberry slices into heart shapes and let them soak in the 1 oz pomegranate liqueur for at least an hour (overnight better). Melt chocolate (follow directions).
Optional- Add a dash or two of cayenne pepper to the chocolate. The goal here is that you want some warmth, not burn your mouth. Spread out a thin layer of chocolate onto some saran wrap and dip the rim of the glass into the chocolate. Allow chocolate to harden. Add strawberries and liqueur to glass (carefully) and then fill glass with chilled champagne. Garnish with more champagne if wanted.

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