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“Night Bird”


Nightbird fly by the light of the moon,
makes no difference if it’s only a  dream.
Released, relive, just for the day,
it’s the nightbird’s way.
She sees, she stalls,
she stores, nothing away.
Tomorrow’s a dream,
running out of steam,
leaving bits and pieces in her wake.
She lives the  day before day.
Nightbird stars can’t go high enough,
she only touches  down just to feel her wings again.


Laughing, crying, all the way,
hear  the nightbird pray.
She lives, she dies,
she finds, life is a wait.
And  yesterday’s apart,
unrelieving cart,
and a mind where time has nothing to  take.
She feeds the fire of a flame.
Nightbirds fly,
fly by the light  of the moon.

night bir

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