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The Power of Women

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The Power of Women


Ancient Chines proverb

Understand why her power was feared,
Her beauty could enslave
Her insightful brilliance could make a mockery…
Her fecund magic could cast spells of lost enchantment….
Her heart could claim his
render him captured,
on his knees in worship…
She had to be controlled,
Covered up
Put on a leash
He had no choice
It’s the only way his ego could survive
The only way his false sense of power could fool him into thinking that he was in charge,
But he lost his beauty
He lost his gift of sight
He lost his magic
He lost his heart
He lost his true love
And he lost his way.
His grief is restoring her now
His tears have opened his eyes
He recognizes that he cannot live without her as herself
He needs her in her power in order to be whole
within himself
He’s re-writing his vows
restoring her throne next to his
He’s sitting beside her in equality
Honoring her and honoring himself
The divine marriage is taking place….
© Caroline de Lisser

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