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Rings of Qetesh

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In Egyptian mythology Qetesh (also: Qadesh, Kadesh, Qaudeshet, ) was a Goddess of sex (rather than fertility), who is thought to originally be a Semitic god, from Chaldean mythology. She was adopted into the Egyptian pantheon as early as the new Kingdom. Once adopted by the Egyptians she was named Knt (pronounced Kenet). Her lover was Resheph, a married god from Chaldean myth, and she also took Min as a lover (though some believe he was her son). He was the God of fertility and Sexual prowess, so seemed an obvious choice as a lover.

She was always depicted as a naked woman riding on the back of a lion, with the crescent moon (representing the night) as a headdress. She was also shown holding snakes (representing the penis) in her right hand and Lotus flowers (representing the vulva), in her left. Among her many natures she was worshiped as a Nature Goddess, a Goddess of Sexual Ecstasy and sacred Pleasure. She was also the deity of Law, happiness, dance, and music and most importantly the Protector of Women. This last nature made her a popular with women who were being treated badly.




Snake Poison Ring

The strong appeal of Qetesh lead to there being a secret society formed in her honor. In order to keep the Society of The Rings secret the Macedonian bodyguards of the Egyptian Praetorian Guard, loyal to the Society, would provide the Hand Maidens with reed pens, ink and parchment. The Hand Maidens of the Priestesses’ of Qetesh would make the request, seal the parchment and return it a member of the Society. He in turn would place the parchment in a false part of the ring, and make his way.

Copy of Cleopatras Ring

Members of the Ring of Qetesh facilitated unique and exquisite gifts of lore to express their love and adoration to the most attractive Priestesses. The Society developed into a ‘quiet’ form of diplomacy between the court Princes, nobles and Kingdoms. They are noted as saying “We walk in the dark places no one else will enter”.

In the Reign of Cleopatra VII the Secret Society was a ‘powerbase’ protecting the regent of Egypt against plots to take her throne. Cleopatra knew that there were whispers and intrigue and attempted plots against her and her court. The women of the rings of Qetesh were ordered to sleep with the dissenters and find out their secrets. Cleopatra was reported to say “What better way to block an attempted conspiracy than from the whispers associated with scented pillows”

Thea Bara as Cleopatra

After the death of Cleopatra and the fall of the Egyptian Empire, the Keepers of The Rings of Qetesh sponsored a group of the strongest and bravest noblemen and named them ‘Men of Romance’. The group then left Egypt and spread out to the new Empires of Greece and Rome. The Men of Romance dedicated their lives to protecting Kings and Queens, Poets and Painters throughout history. Two of the famous men they protected were Alexandra the Great and the Painter Michelangelo. Most interestingly it had also been rumored that Robin Hood and His Merry Men were members of The Men of Romance, protecting King Richard’s land of England.