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Erzuli Red-Eyes


Erzuli Red-Eyes

Erzulie Red-eyes
Traditional Colours: Crimson, Scarlet
Number: unknown
Areas of Influence: Children, healing, protecting children from danger (especially demonic attacks), blood, helps drivers on long journeys stay focused, revenge
Entities associated with: Ogoun, all Erzulies, Yemaya, Isis & Erzulie Red Eyes form a powerful healing trio.

Symbols: Red eyes, flames
Offerings: Fatty pork (such as a fatty pork roast), spicy desserts, dark pomegranates, blood oranges or Clementine’s, rum with a long red pepper in it, dark cigars.
Feast Days: Midsummer, Lammas
Astrology: the planet Jupiter
Tarot: The Emperor card
Chakra: Solar plexus
Gemstones & Minerals: Rubies, Garnets, lava rocks, red clay
Animals: Dogs, tigers and other solitary cats.
Entities of Similar Energy: Madame Pele

erzu dant

While tradition holds that Erzulie Red Eyes is an aspect of Erzulie Dantor, this page is dedicated to Erzulie Red Eyes as a separate entity.
Erzulie Red Eyes is a very scary woman but she is absolutely not evil, demonic or a vampire. She is just really angry and she doesn’t speak. You will know when she enters a room because your eyes will itch. She has the ability to form shadows around herself so that all you will see are her burning red eyes. She is a shadow walker. I was told that at one time she was called a vampire. This is not true. I believe this association arose because of her attraction to blood. This attraction may also explain her choice of Ogoun as a mate. Ogoun is the iron in the blood.


Frankly, everybody is afraid of Erzulie Red Eyes because of her bad reputation. She can be abusive, quick to anger and holds a grudge. Most people only contact her for her angry side or when they want revenge. While she can bring the power of hate into a situation, there also exists the non-angry side of her. She’s tired of only being invited to the negative revenge situations and not the fun stuff. Generally, this is why she doesn’t like people or possessing them.
Erzulie Red Eyes hates the idea of hell or anything demonic. She doesn’t even like a discussion of hell. I was told that this is why she doesn’t like most Christians because they are obsessed with hell. She will not physically hurt humans but if they piss her off, she will withdraw her protection of them and allow them to hurt themselves. She really likes high classed call girls and black men with muscles and baby faces.


Properly Showing Respect to Erzulie Red Eyes
She likes red velvet, red candles and red velvet cake (but no cream cheese) made with a bit of cayenne pepper. She does not like milk or dairy products of any kind. She does not like spicy meats however she likes spice in her desserts and peppers in her rum. She especially likes cinnamon and cayenne pepper together. She hates messiness and dust so be sure to thoroughly clean a space before setting up an offering.
Where to find Erzulie Red Eyes
Erzulie Red Eyes can be found in your car when you’re driving on the road or in children’s hospitals (especially the surgical wards). She can also be found in a place with red clay (such as Sedona, Az or Southern Utah) or any place that has evidence of volcanic activity.
Erzulie Red Eye’s Children
Erzulie Red Eyes does not normally have children of her own. However, she will involve herself with humans she likes.

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  1. Thank you for this informative post. I am sure I’ve seen her in my waking visions, but I only knew of her name and nothing more.


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